Motorcycle MOT

At Bicester Tyre and Exhausts we provide an independent VOSA approved Motorcycle MOT testing environment.

If you would like a no obligation chat regarding our MOT service or would like to book your motorcycle in for an MOT please feel free to contact us.

As your MOT is important to the safety of yourself and your motorcycle we guarantee a thorough check of the following components in accordance with VOSA during each MOT:




Condition, operation, security, and correct colour of headlamp(s) , rear lights, indicators and reflectors. Also the headlamp(s) will be checked to see if the aim is correct.

Steering and Suspension

Condition, security and operation including: forks, mountings, controls, bearings etc


Correct operation and the right type.

Exhaust System

Complete, secure, correct type and not too noisy.

Side Car

Includes checks on: attachment, suspension, wheel bearings, wheel alignment, lights and tyres.

Wheel Alignment

Correct alignment of front and rear wheels


Free from cracks, damage, distortion or corrosion which is likely to affect steering or brakes.

Wheels and Tyres

Wheel condition and security, tyre condition, size/type and tread depth


Condition, operation and performance (efficiency test), brake controls.

General Items

Condition and security of final drive, footrests and seat.