Regular servicing can extend the life and effectiveness of your vehicle. Servicing maintains the key components within your vehicle that have the potential to fail commonly due to wear and tear. Servicing can also carry the benefit of resolving minor defects before they become a major implication for you, ultimately saving you inconvenience, money and on occasions your vehicle.

“Our staff are trained to undertake thorough checks on your vehicle but will only perform modifications if
it is completely necessary to do so and with your prior consent.”

Bicester Tyre and Exhausts provide both a part service and full service packages depending on your requirements:

Key components of a service consist of the follwing items:

Engine Area

Change engine oil and filter
Air cleaner, paper element, renew
Valve clearance, check and adjust (except hydraulic adjusters)
Spark plugs, renew
Ignition timing, check, adjust if required
Engine idle speed, measure and adjust CO if required
Fuel filter, renew, Fuel system, check for leaks
Drive belts, check and adjust
Ignition system check (points, cap, rotor arm if applicable)
Battery, check condition, top up if applicable, clean and grease terminals
Carburettor, check security, top up damper if applicable
Screen washers, top up reservoir
Bonnet release catch and hinges, check operation and lubricate
Check brake and clutch fluid, top up if required*
Automatic transmission, if fitted, check oil level, top up if required*
Power steering, check for leaks, top up if required*
Cooling system, check for antifreeze strength and leaks, top up coolant if required*
Pollen filter, renew if required*
* charged extra

Inside the Vehicle

Interior lights and instrument lights, hazard light switch check
Heating and ventilation controls, check
Windscreen and headlamp, washers and wipers, check
Door hinges and locks, lubricate

Outside the Vehicle

Lights, check operation
Headlamps, check alignment
Boot lid / tailgate hinges, lubricate
Refit road wheels, tighten retaining nut to the correct torque

Beneath the Vehicle

Brake pipes and hoses, check for leaks and corrosion
Remove road wheels, check front disc condition and pad wear
Remove drums if applicable, check lining condition and examine cylinders
Check handbrake travel, adjust if required
Steering gear, check for wear & gaiters for leaks
CV joints (FWD) check for wear and gaiters for splits
Clutch, adjust if required (if applicable)
Gearbox, rear axle (if applicable), check oil level, top up if required
Tyres, check and report condition, correct inflation if required, including spare
Exhaust system, check for security, leaks and corrosion
Ball joints and transmission, check for wear
Shock absorbers, check for condition and operation
Tracking, check

Road Test

Check operation of vehicle
Test brake